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Scaling across new geographies, domains and industries

As global consulting firm Berkeley Research Group, LLC (BRG) neared their 10-year anniversary–and after experiencing a period of tremendous growth–they were ready to reimagine the future of their digital presence. Activating a true multi-disciplinary approach from the beginning, our experts helped to evolve and scale the BRG experience across people, places and interactions.

The recent release of is the centerpiece of the firm’s digital vision and helps activate BRG’s unified brand platform. It also works to strengthen connections with content and uses data to drive revenue growth.

An informed digital vision and roadmap

Beginning with digital strategy and a deep discovery period, we identified the ideal future state of BRG’s digital experience. Interviews with internal and external stakeholders helped BRG understand the impressions and expectations of their critical audiences. A full marketing technology ecosystem review then helped BRG identify the right technology to power their digital vision moving forward. An actionable roadmap was developed to make achieving that vision and delivering measurable value over the next few years possible.

Creating a more consistent and intuitive experience

A taxonomy audit helped to streamline BRG’s information architecture, navigation, and services and industries structure, making it easier for users to access the content and services that interest them most. Since launch, traffic to the firm’s new services and industries pages has more than doubled. A flexible design system helped to further organize content and design elements, creating efficiencies for internal teams and recognizable brand associations for external audiences.

Multi-disciplinary collaborative team + usability testing + iteration = success

Design and development occurred in lockstep through rapid prototyping and usability testing with both internal and external stakeholders that drove informed decisions while iterating. This resulted in a progressive and engaging experience that articulates BRG’s expertise and helps the firm dynamically tell their growth story. End users have described the site as clean and easy to use and complimented its design and searchability.

“Our new digital vision and experience positions us to generate increasing demand for our services, acquire new clients and strengthen our relationships with existing clients.”

— Phil Rowley, Executive Director and Chief Revenue Officer at BRG

Firmly committed to a progressive approach

Throughout the process, BRG remained committed to taking risks, being unique and following through with a more innovative and differentiated approach. They weren’t distracted by what their competitors were doing because they were aiming to create an experience that pushed beyond the typical consulting firm website. Those risks are paying off. BRG has seen an increase in global reach since launch, with traffic from countries in Asia and Europe increasing by 40 percent and 16 percent respectively. The site was also recently recognized in the 27th annual Communicator Awards with an Award of Distinction.




stakeholders interviewed by the One North team
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reduction in user-facing Industries & Services options in taxonomy
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custom page elements designed and documented in a design system
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the traffic to Industries & Services pages post launch
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increase in traffic from countries in Asia
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increase in traffic from countries in Europe
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