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Plugging in and propelling forward

Meta needed a team that could plug in, scale up quickly and deliver outsized results in a short timeframe. Enter One North. We accelerated work across the Meta Careers site and Life at Meta social channels, while surfacing fresh ideas to amplify outreach and engagement.

Meta has come to count on One North as a strategic partner in helping shape the Employment brand experience. Our partnership is a spectrum. From task management to research and design, we are an integral part of their team. Our interdisciplinary guidance—informed by a user-centered, data-driven point of view—is leading progress towards their business goal of staying one step ahead of the competition for talent.

Social, powered by design thinking

One North developed adaptable ways to showcase the people and culture at Meta. We created design systems to expand their visual identity across the Life at Meta channels, all using their existing processes and tools. We established a flexible suite of options to create a cohesive look and feel. And we also reimagined existing brand assets, making every social post more accessible and vibrant. Our impact introduced efficiency to their workflow­—and established a standardized, on-brand suite of options for brand managers.

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Creative leadership bringing power to the people

In early June 2020, Meta’s leadership was challenged for their decision not to remove controversial posts by an elected official in connection with Black Lives Matter. The decision ignited many employees across the company to push back. This resulted in negative press coverage which left out a critical part of the story: the employees helping Meta build progress on racial justice issues. Meta needed help showcasing these employee voices to audiences outside of the company. One North navigated this employment brand challenge with strategic thinking to rapidly initiate a responsive campaign.

We captured quotes from employees, including those who disagreed with Leadership’s decision, yet had made the conscious decision to stay at the company and shape change from within. The concept was powerfully simple—using employee photos and statements—and offered built-in design flexibility for future campaigns. In less than 5 days, we helped Meta bring employee voices to life across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with powerful, on-brand visual and motion design.

“The One North team came in and made a significant impact in a small amount of time. I look forward to what we can accomplish as our partnership continues.”

— Camille Richardson, Global Employment Brand Creative Team Lead at Meta

A transformative partner

We have freed the internal Meta team to scale up and accomplish more. We continue to empower their team for what’s next by incorporating comprehensive data analytics to their creative process. Informed by user metrics, we are able to better support their business goals. As partners in their success story, we’re helping to build a roadmap that emboldens the people and culture at Meta.


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