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Wellstar Health System

Realizing the full potential of Sitecore to improve healthcare journeys

Wellstar, one of the largest and most integrated health systems in Georgia, needed an experienced Sitecore partner to optimize, operationalize and launch their website. One North’s holistic approach and cross-functional, multidisciplinary team empowered Wellstar’s Technology and Marketing teams to optimize their platform, take advantage of Sitecore’s advanced features and, ultimately, deliver an improved experience to patients, consumers and team members.

Wellstar Audit


In an effort to achieve a high-performing and easy-to-maintain new Sitecore build—and position it for a successful launch—One North’s team of Sitecore developers, architects and hosting experts conducted a current situation audit. This detailed application and hosting audit reviewed existing codebases and configuration, mapped Wellstar’s MarTech ecosystem and identified technical debt. The results surfaced performance and application architecture modifications needed before launch. A full issue matrix prioritized issues according to risk and complexity, setting a plan and roadmap for mitigation.

Wellstar Mitigate


With the audit complete, we then collaborated with Wellstar to create/refine a product backlog—which consisted of prioritized epics, features, user stories and tasks—established a scrum team and aligned on an agile sprint cadence to tackle the scrum events.

Wellstar assigned a product owner to build and manage the product backlog and help prioritize key deliverables. One North provided a team of developers to work through the enhancements and bug fixes, as well as a scrum master to help manage the teams’ workload and ensure all roadblocks were addressed quickly and efficiently. A total of 12 sprints were dedicated to preparing the Wellstar site for launch.


An additional 13 sprints were focused on working through the backlog and introducing new site features. Among those is an online patient scheduling tool that integrates with the Epic EHR scheduling API. The site’s search feature was refactored and migrated to the Solr platform. Location search and page JavaScript performance was also optimized. Finally, a tagging taxonomy framework was established to provide Wellstar’s content editors the ability to create tailored campaign pages without a developer’s help. A custom UI was built that allows tags to be assigned to items, and easily managed, within Sitecore.

“One North truly operationalized our Sitecore platform. Their expertise, thought leadership, and pragmatic approach helped us eliminate roadblocks, pay down technical debt, and improve the experiences we deliver.”

— Rob Zanin, Executive Director, Digital Consumer Products at Wellstar




A major goal of the partnership was to set the Wellstar team up for continued success. One North provided training to help ensure Wellstar’s internal development team was positioned to support the Sitecore platform moving forward. Additionally, Wellstar’s marketing team was given the tools to deliver tailored content at scale.



agile sprints completed to optimize, operationalize and enhance Wellstar’s Sitecore application
dedicated teams working on different initiatives designed to advance Wellstar’s MarTech and experience strategies
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components created and managed for the Wellstar development team

Elevating and unifying a brand