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Priming for growth

Gray is a construction firm that has evolved greatly over the last decade. Through a series of acquisitions and innovations, the firm is redefining what “construction” means, especially in the Food & Beverage and Smart Manufacturing spaces. Our partnership began with a focus on aligning the organization’s brand architecture and strategy. We then shifted to rebuilding the digital experience for not only the parent brand, but also all five of the firm’s endorsed brands.

The new Gray

Having outgrown their traditional construction roots, Gray needed to adjust their go-to market strategy with a more cohesive story about the value they can deliver from the top down. We helped leadership from five different organizations align around a new brand narrative and strategy. We also consolidated 290 different services into seven simplified categories, making it easier for customers to identify the services they need.

Relationship-driven services

Once we had a stronger foundation for the Gray brand, our team transformed the brand platform and experience–from the story and messaging to the expression system. The new platform speaks to the holistic nature of Gray’s services through the lens of relationships. Visual elements allude to the precision, connections and power they bring to each project.

“One North has empowered us to position Gray for long-term growth. They helped us improve the way we work together, sell our services and scale the business.”

— Jill Wilson, VP, Communications & Marketing at Gray

A website built to evolve with Gray

In addition to developing an entirely new digital experience for the main Gray website domain, our team also made it simple for Gray to showcase their endorsed brands. A flexible design system and digital templates allow the Gray team to create new assets as needed, and seamlessly fold an acquired business into the brand and digital experience.

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