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Leading with digital transformation

TEKsystems—a global provider of full-stack technology services that address the pressing strategy, implementation and talent needs for more than 80% of the Fortune 500—conducted an online survey from November to December 2019 with 510 technology and business decision makers. The goal of the research was to capture and decode the state of digital transformation, a critical and timely trend. To do the findings justice and inspired by the topic, TEKsystems hired One North to bring the report to life through a compelling and transformative digital experience. From data visualization, front-end development and digital narrative creation to logo and digital design, we transformed the research into a digital asset that could be used to target C-level audiences—all within an aggressive timeline.

Laying the groundwork for transformation

Armed with a wealth of insightful, raw data—and knowing that TEKsystems would be conducting research programs around digital transformation annually—we created a unique animated logo and design aesthetic to be used for each subsequent release of research. Leveraging no-code software, we built The State of Digital Transformation digital report on a platform that limits the need for developer involvement, thereby making it more efficient to launch iterations of the report.

Reimagining data and content for the digital world

Knowing that the findings would be delivered to C-level audiences, the team took care to create a premium experience, combing through content and data to pull out those pieces most valuable and insightful for senior decision makers. Using Tableau, our data strategists created dashboards that users could easily interact with and our design team could present within the minisite. Additionally, our content team created a story arc to grab readers’ attention and ensured the narrative was optimized for digital consumption.

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“One North helped us build on the vision that we had for this program, but they also challenged us to be open to new transformative ways of presenting this strategic content. They were a trusted advisor and true partner—fighting the good fight when needed, but always making sure we met our goals and objectives.”

— Jason Hayman, Manager, Research and Market Intelligence at TEKsystems

Capturing insights to inform future research

We tagged the site to capture and track reader interactions with elements like call outs, data visualizations and other key content. Insights from this will allow the TEKsystems team to understand how information is being consumed and what enhancements should be made to future iterations. This will be critical as the company releases an update to The State of Digital Transformation 2020, including freshly collected data on post-COVID-19 trends.

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