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Getting the most out of digital: MarTech, ROI and transformation

by Jen Frost February 5, 2020

Last year, our colleague Vinu Krishnaswamy published a blog post that recapped the key takeaways from the MarTech East Conference. The big headline was that Marketing is now synonymous with MarTech. The two exist as one in the eyes of many. It comes as no surprise that is now estimating the worldwide market for MarTech is $121.5 billion.

Given the fact that MarTech is on everyone’s mind, One North and TEKsystems decided to bring together some experts to determine how businesses can get the most out of their MarTech spend, while laying the groundwork for successful digital transformation. A discussion with Kalev Peekna and TEKsystems’ Burk Buechler and Scott Beach unearthed the following insights:

  • For many organizations, a digital marketing ecosystem could be made up of 10 to 20 different tools or platforms. Make sure you know what is in your MarTech stack and understand how each system is or should work together.
  • Understanding the role your digital platform plays in customer goal attainment and then establish a targeted set of KPIs to measure performance and alignment.
  • Purchasing and implementing a content management, digital asset management, customer relationship management system or digital experience platform alone is not a digital strategy. You need the strategy to define the system you choose and how you choose to implement that system into your business.
  • With expanding and evolving scope of what “digital” is, marketing leaders must consider how that changes the roles, functions and ways of working that impact digital transformation efforts within their organization.


Access the full blog posts on the TEKsystems blog here:

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If you’re interested in learning more about how One North can help you better understand your MarTech stack or implement a digital transformation strategy, contact us.

Jen Frost
Managing Director, Marketing

Jen Frost is Managing Director of Marketing at One North. She works closely with the Digital Strategy, Experience Design and Technology teams to develop and enhance One North client communication and exterior messaging strategy. In addition, she provides general marketing direction for One North and promotes internal culture.

Favorite season: Fall is my favorite season. Probably because I used to live in Massachusetts, and it is just beautiful there in the Autumn.

Favorite Chicago spot: The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool hidden in the middle of Lincoln Park.