Together we build, create, explore and have our fair share of donuts and hot sauce. And, yes, so can you.

Why You’ll Love One North

One North is very efficient with project tasks and is always mindful about where time is being spent. While “Efficiency” and “Time Management” might not seem like exciting qualities of a company, they're critical for developers to have time to innovate, improve their skills and apply them to new and existing projects.

Alex, Architect


In addition to exciting work, inspiring colleagues and amazing views of the Chicago River, our employees enjoy a host of other perks and benefits when they join the team. Below is a brief snapshot of what we have to offer; one of our Talent team members will share the full list of benefits during the interview process.

  • Our comprehensive benefits program includes Health, Dental and Vision insurance, as well as a health savings account with employer-funded contributions.
  • Life/AD&D Insurance and Short Term/Long Term Disability benefits are offered to all full-time employees free of cost, with the option to add additional voluntary coverage if desired.
  • One North's 401(k) plan allows employees to save for retirement through pre-tax contributions along with employer-matched funds.
  • We know how important unwinding can be for inspiration, innovation and productivity. Our full-time employees earn 4 weeks of paid time off, in addition to company paid holidays. Employees also begin to accrue additional time off once they reach their 3-year and 10-year anniversaries with the business.
  • Our Transportation Benefits enable employees to make pre-tax contributions to pay for parking and public transit needs.
  • Did we mention free lunch every other week? Sweet treats are also never far from reach (luckily, we also have a gym in our building).

Join the Team

We are a team of fervent listeners, intensely focused on raising the bar for every client we serve, and for ourselves. We are innovators, engineers, explorers and guides – with one foot in the present and the other firmly in the future. We exceed expectations, not just in terms of what we do, but also how we work together. As a diverse collective of technologists, creatives and strategists, we are fiercely committed to inspiring and supporting our clients. Interested in adding your voice and thoughts to the mix? Check out our current open positions below or reach out to us at [email protected].

Front-End Developer
open position
Front-End Developer


Bring your technical expertise, passion and curiosity to a creative and energetic team that strives to build innovative digital experiences for our clients. In the Front-End Developer role, you can expect to work closely with every part of One North (including our industry-leading strategists, designers, architects and developers). In an increasingly competitive digital market, our Front-End Developers are given the space they need to invent, problem solve, explore, fix and create. Itching to stretch and build upon your passion for front-end development? Looks like you found the right place.


When packing your bags, please bring:

  • The ability to engineer for performance, maintainability and efficiency, while also creating beautiful end-user experiences
  • A knack for teamwork and working with people across agency capabilities
  • A solid understanding of the tools, processes and approaches for world-class front-end development, and also the skills and appreciation for UX/UI and creative design principles

Your weapons (wield them wisely):

  • Advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors (e.g. SASS)
  • Solid command of advanced CSS techniques
  • Ability to write performant code
  • Ability to develop responsive websites
  • Familiarity with and interest in JS Frameworks (e.g. Vue, React, Angular)
  • Ability to integrate 3rd party libraries depending on project requirements
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Familiarity with various front-end build tools (e.g. Webpack, Gulp)
  • Solid understanding of how to develop for cross-browser compatibility
  • Ability to navigate design files (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop)
  • Familiarity with animation libraries and SVG
  • Nice to have – Experience building web applications with Node and Express
  • Nice to have – Experience working with MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Ability to create websites that meet accessibility standards
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Eye for detail and high personal standards
  • Curiosity
  • Dedication to following industry and One North FED best practices and standards
  • No egos. It’s good to have a strong perspective, but you must be open to new ideas and flexible enough to adapt in a constantly changing discipline.

One North Interactive is an equal opportunity employer and selects individuals best matched for the role based on job-related qualifications. We do not discriminate based on gender, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other protected class. Though we think this kind of common decency ought to be obvious, we’re happy to say it because we really believe it.

One North Interactive 
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