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Customer Experience
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Elevating the Customer Experience

by Kat Kollett, Matt Murphy February 3, 2023

Providing an exceptional customer experience is the key to success for any brand. It is no surprise that 90% of customers are willing to pay more for a reliable CX.

We collaborated with TEKsystems in the latest issue of Version Next Now, discussing the critical factors that contribute to brands elevating their current customer experiences.

Ensuring an exceptional customer experience and understanding the importance of its implications is paramount to One North. Building an elevated customer experience strategy requires an understanding of your company’s goals for the relationship with your customers and knowing their needs, frustrations, and current experiences. Using this knowledge, you can start creating maps of your current CX, generate ideas, and prioritize them into a roadmap for your customers that can be readily understood and improved. In doing so, you will be provided with the direction and communication tools to move forward with elevating the customer experience.

“CX strategy drives the customer value chain, which essentially determines the success of the business” —Matt Murphy | Director of Digital Marketing Operations at One North

Negative CX experiences can lead to customers actively avoiding your brand and discouraging others from using it. That is why CX is so critical to the success of any business—and often directly responsible for initial and repeat sales, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy impact.

Implementing an effective CX strategy can be hard for some brands due to many factors, including:

  • Lack of a customer-centric mindset: Brands focus internally on their products and financial goals rather than understanding and addressing their customer’s specific needs and problems.
  • Lack of agreement on a CX strategy: Brands often make broad claims about digital innovation and fail to focus on incremental improvements to surpass customer expectations in each interaction.
  • Siloed business operations and organizational hierarchy: It’s essential to obtain buy-in from across the organization to establish a culture focused on the customer. Every function of the business should have a clear understanding of its impact on the CX journey so that a positive experience is consistent across each department interaction.

To overcome these challenges, brands need to focus on fixing their customer’s experiences by investing in people, processes, and technology based on their gathered insights.

“The work of shaping your CX strategy must be grounded in human-centered design” —Kat Kollett | Director of CX Strategy at One North

Customers care about the connection they have made with your organization, the way it’s made, and the quality of service provided—making the elevation of the customer experience essential. By developing a strong CX strategy, organizations can unlock growth and potential, strengthening relationships with their customers and setting themselves up for continued success.


This issue of VNN also includes a review of a recent whitepaper published by Sitecore, a real-world brand application understanding the importance of a CX strategy, and specific tips to help get you started on elevating the customer experience. For more information on how to establish an effective CX strategy, check out TEKsystems’ latest issue of Version Next, Now: Elevating the Customer Experience.

Photo Credit: Nikhil | Unsplash

Kat Kollett is the Director of Customer Experience Strategy, leading the CX Strategy team. She brings a multidisciplinary, user-focused approach to innovations in brand, digital, analog, environmental, and interpersonal experiences, and helps clients apply those innovations to meet their strategic objectives.

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Matt Murphy is the Director of Digital Marketing Operations at One North. He works closely with the Digital Strategy, Experience Design, and Technology teams to help One North clients improve digital marketing performance and efficiency. In addition, he works with internal account and delivery organizations to increase customer value from One North offerings. 

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