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New Study Identifies Key Traits that Drive Loyalty and Increased Compensation for Professional Services Organizations

by Tanya Lord November 16, 2017

Responsiveness, effective communications and knowledge of clients’ businesses influence retention and relationship growth, according to One North

CHICAGO – November 16, 2017 – Fifty-five percent of decision-makers who work with five or more professional services organizations each year said they felt loyal to only two or three, according to a new survey from B2B digital agency One North. High-quality work and consistency were among top traits that earned PSOs big loyalty points from survey respondents.

One North partnered with communications firm Greentarget to survey nearly 100 key decision-makers at some of the largest companies across the United States to understand the key drivers of loyalty among clients who purchase legal, consulting, accounting, architecture, engineering and construction services.

“Professional services organizations should aim to be a couple steps ahead within each industry they serve, look for ways to share important knowledge on an ongoing basis and build productive, professional relationships with clients,” said One North Chief Strategist Kalev Peekna. “Client loyalty is not a given. Communicating and providing value at every step of the client journey is critical for PSOs to earn and maintain trust.” 

Nearly 95 percent of respondents who hire PSOs agree that responsiveness, effective communications and deep knowledge of a client’s business give these organizations an advantage over their competitors. In fact, 75 percent would pay more to work with professional service organizations that embrace these qualities.

Customize digital marketing strategies, technology to build client loyalty 
Personalized digital marketing is a key asset for professional services organizations. One-fifth of respondents to One North’s survey said their preferred PSOs offer digital technology, such as dedicated web portals, dashboards and other tailored communications.

Further, about three-quarters of respondents reported timely business intelligence plays a critical role in helping develop loyalty. Respondents value intelligence that addresses information on issues they face (72 percent), competitive information (44 percent), and industry analysis (39 percent). 

To that end, loyal clients are more likely to open emails from their preferred PSOs, including communications inviting clients to learn about other services these providers offer. Nearly 95 percent of respondents said they are somewhat (43 percent) or extremely (51 percent) likely to open emails from a service organization they were loyal to – even if the email was not sent from a direct contact. 

To learn more about One North’s loyalty survey and download a copy of the executive summary, “Courting the Commitment-Phobic Client: How Professional Services Providers Earn Loyalty and Premium Compensation,” click here.

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