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Sitecore glossary: Terminology decoded

by Ethel Crosby, Mike Skutta August 21, 2020

As with many technology platforms, Sitecore Experience Cloud uses terminology and abbreviations that can cause confusion, not only for users new to the platform but also for experienced veterans. Many include “X,” “Experience,” or very similar abbreviations with one letter differences.

We’ve put together this glossary of popular terms to help provide clarity and empower our clients and the broader community to better understand and work effectively within the Sitecore ecosystem.

One North’s Sitecore glossary



Other names: ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK 

One of two headless development options for a Sitecore headless implementation that allows development teams to build applications faster on the latest .NET technology. 



Other names: Sitecore CDP, Sitecore Customer Delivery Platform 

Packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. The CDP system manages, processes, and converts data into meaningful customer experiences. 



Other names: Sitecore CLI, Sitecore Command Line Interface 

Allows console communication with a Sitecore interface. It is a development and DevOps tool used by developers to enter commands and execute them against Sitecore to accomplish various tasks. 



Other names: Sitecore Containers, Docker Containers, Container-Based Sitecore Development 

A Container is an executable unit of software in which code is packaged, along with its libraries and dependencies, in common ways so that it can be run anywhere–whether it be on a developer’s workstation, on-prem servers or the cloud–and deployed easily and consistently, regardless of the target environment. 



Other names: Digital Experience Platform, Sitecore Digital Experience Platform 

Integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. DXP addresses business needs that become more complex than could be addressed by CMSs. Enables publishing to multiple channels and enables integration with commerce, marketing automation software and provides advanced analytics and personalization capabilities for targeted user experiences.  



Other names: Headless CMS, Decoupled CMS, API first CMS 

Centralized content management that is distributed in a universal format that can be shared across different front-end presentations and channels; the content, or the body, is separated from the front-end presentation, or the head of a website. 



Other names: Sitecore Helix 

Sitecore Helix is a collection of recommended practices and conventions for the solution architecture of Sitecore product implementations. 



Other names: Sitecore’s New UI 

An improved back-end user interface providing a more modern user experience with dashboards and a focus on content creation and workflow. 



Other names: Sitecore JavaScript Services, Sitecore JSS 

One of two headless development options for a Sitecore headless implementation that allows development teams to build applications faster on the latest JavaScript technology. 



Integrates third-party external applications (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ERP) between xDB and client applications. 



Other names: Sitecore Experience Database 

The central data repository for the entire customer experience (including web activity and all your contact interaction data across channels) that can store vast amounts of data. 



Other names: Sitecore Experience ProfileExperience Profile, xProfile 

An application that presents the key information about a contact and enables you to monitor the key areas of the customer experience, such as interactions, campaigns, goals, profiles, outcomes, automations and keywords. 



Other names: XM, Sitecore Experience Management, CMS-Only Mode 

Sitecore has two tiers of licensesSitecore XP and Sitecore XM. XM is the lower tier license that includes CMS features and limited advanced marketing features. It is sometimes referred to as CMS-only mode. 


XM Cloud

Other names: Experience Manager Cloud Service, Sitecore Managed Cloud 

Sitecore Managed Cloud service actively hosts, monitors, manages, and maintains the installation of Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP), Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM), and Sitecore Experience Commerce® (XC).



Other names: Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Platform 

Sitecore has two tiers of licenses. XP is the full feature license that includes all the features of XM plus xDB, and other experience marketing applications. 

For additional information on Sitecore, feel free to reach out to One North to help you on your Sitecore journey or check out the following: 


As future Sitecore versions are released, we’ll plan to update this post to add new terms or remove outdated references. This was last updated in August 2020 in collaboration with our Sitecore MVPs, Ethel Crosby and Mike Skutta. 

Ethel Crosby
Director of Technology Operations & Offerings

As Director of Technology Operations and Offerings at One North, Ethel is responsible for the management and execution of leading digital technology solutions and product management, continuously identifying new strategic technology opportunities for One North and its clients. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Ethel once zip-lined, upside down, in a rain forest in Costa Rica.

Favorite movie quote: “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman

Favorite hobby: I love to cook. Delicious food makes everything better!

Mike Skutta

As an Architect within the Technology Labs group at One North, Mike works to research, test and integrate new technologies for both One North and its clients. He is also a 5 time Sitecore Technology MVP – a distinction received by very few people worldwide – and holds more than 14 years of experience architecting, designing, developing software and leading technology teams. Based in Florida, Mike is often seen wheeling around the office via our robot.

Favorite vending machine snack: Doritos

Most unusual job: Working as a Serf at Medieval Times